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  2. E17 Redone Intro

    I feel oh so aroused, will be starting over as soon as E17 goes live
  3. [Day Two]Dark Ages Mafia

    So, from the flavor text, it appears the werewolves attacked Cool Girl and I think it was a safe kill of sorts. As for Jace, it could either mean that he was attacked by the vampires or he is a vampire and he's now reunited with his partner. I'm thinking the first one's more likely though. As for now, there are 12 players alive and 5 of which are mafia, so we've got around 41% chance of lynching mafia. I have a suggestion: should the Priest reveal himself/herself and share his/her investigation results? He/she has two reports now, and we could get some useful input from it.
  4. Just watch this video. It think kimmel is on your page when he describes why people voted for Trump.
  5. Yeah now of course i have to watch the ep 6 of GoT to prevent myself to getting spoiled by youtube and facebook...

    1. seki108


      Pretty much the nature of leaks (or just getting behind on something)

    2. Pμrple


      It's just everyones are putting videos on youtubr of the new episode...

  6. [E16] Minor Errors

    Oh is it? Sorry then, must be a mistake on my part. I thought you weren't suppose to end up there. Also for some reason I can't quote HongaarseBeer's reply. Apologies for the unhelpful post then.
  7. Whats the poison combination at the Gearen gym to get seviper?
  8. V9 - Item Guide/List

    Go south of the berry emporium in east gearen city.It is near the entrance at gearen park.
  9. Today
  10. V9 - Item Guide/List

    Lowest left building in area of East Geren where Venam's gym is.
  11. Fuck you, Chatot. No one likes you

    1. Wolfox


      lemme guess, Taka's handy work?

  12. Symphonic Horizon

    I liked the side quest.That move by Greninja was OP.I just loved that animation for renegade strike.
  13. [Day Two]Dark Ages Mafia

    [Day 2] Cool Girl was polishing her Blessed sword when suddenly she was attacked! She tried to defend but unfortunately it seems holy attacks don't work to the attacker... Cool Girl the Holy Knight died. She was killed by a werewolf. Meanwhile, a random passerby saw a vampire attacked Jace Stormkirk but apparently he survived. Player Roster: 1. Magister Divergent -??? 2. Jace Stormkirk -??? 3. Cataline -??? 4. DigitalAmber-??? 5. Cool Girl-[Town Holy Knight](killed N1) 6. Paul25-??? 7. Megagun-??? 8. EndearingCharacterTrait-??? 9. Anti_Hero-??? 10. LykosHand-??? 11. Greninja-??? 12. Alistair-??? 13. Pμrple-??? 14. Alphagar- [Town Barkeeper]
  14. V9 - Item Guide/List

    guys where is the bike shop i am unable to find it
  15. Where do I go next?

    Just get out of the castle.Valarie is standing and will tell you to meet them in the secret area.
  16. Recently started playing Reborn Hardcore and this happens.

    This is not fair.



    Maybe not completely unfair.




    1. DreamblitzX


      Oh yea, that was a fun optional boss. be glad he doesn't mega it yet.

  17. corrupted save file, you'll have to use backups which means losing some progress
  18. patch your game
  19. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    If your game is patched,it should have worked. I just load your save file and it is working for me.
  20. can't find that trade in GDC but I'll try to look for it again later
  21. All I need to do now is to wait for Freshers. Not long now! :D

  22. Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    That's plenty of help. At least I'll know the place they're at. Thanks.
  23. [D&D][IC] Valkyria: Scales of War

    A part of Richard started to regret not going down to the local armory earlier to pick up a decent mace or a war hammer as he stared suspiciously at the skeletal human remains and the glowing blue runes on the suspiciously clean floor, and he looked around the room some more to try and look for anything that seemed important. After a few moments had passed he slowly walked towards Ragash who had investigated the runes earlier, and he quietly said "Maybe they just wanted to get a better look on you in the dark? I know I would" with a teasing smile on his face.
  24. Purifying Pokes

    awesome thank you i relived the dream in that event but never healed my pokemon so i lost the battle to zetta and now i cant find his lab, my map is still bugged and only goes to the left
  25. Purifying Pokes

    The first available place is Dr. Jenkle's labe in east Geren (near the Route 1 trainstation). I think you get the event to meet him after leaving the gym (or sometime earlier). When the heart guage is full on a shadow mon, take it to the machine on the far right to purify it. Only one mon can be purified this way a day (though unpatched versions still allow multiple time, at the risk of already corrected bugs). Another method is unlocked after the second gym, which allows more than one per day.
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