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  2. I remember some NPC wanting to trade for a Qwilfish, but now that I have a Qwilfish I can't remember where the NPC is. Any ideas?
  3. ill see if i can breed a feebas, for ya then. ~o~
  4. Banned for reminding me that the Iron Giant is a thing.
  5. IV's in the 20's excluding the one they don't need.
  6. How decent are we talking about here? ~o~"
  7. you cant just clean the bathroom with beats headphones on man what if they get bathroom crust on them you gotta treasure those what if they just fall off there are too many hazards in what youre doing >:[
  8. So, even Imagine Dragons has something new.
  9. i give this update five sharks out of five tales glad to know progress hasnt hit a roadblock yet, and i wish you the best of luck for future updates :] if i can be of help in any way you already know i got you im excited as hell for this game it looks so fresh and so crisp and so clean ahh
  10. You can only choose one. Though, come EP 17, we'll probably be able to fund the other projects. Also, funding the Azurine Nature Center nets you:
  11. I could stream some of the campaign if you think it would help.
  12. I've got a female Cleffa with Egg Moves and a female Goomy. Got a decent Feebas and a Charmander/Froakie/Mudkip?
  13. Not really the lake, but you can renovate the nature center to get Chikorita and wild Bulbasaurs on the island
  14. What im looking for at the moments are. ~ Timburr Cacnea Goomy Cleffa/Clefairy (must be female) Dont really care about IV's, i have some shiny pokemon too so leme know if you have anything in mind so i can see if i have it! ~o~
  15. That sounds very cool actually. This makes me reconsider buying it! Thanks a lot
  16. No, I believe he means another ball, not that one. The one you mentioned is somewhere at the beginning of devon corp, this one is more towards the end, after the puzzles
  17. Today
  18. Often times the AI will simply go for the highest base power move. It's why sometimes pokemon will go for Solar Beam when the sun isn't up and when attacking a Grass/Poison type. When the AI doesn't factor in type resistances, it will simply attempt to go for the most powerful attack. Since Explosion is 250 base power and Stone Edge is only 100, the AI simply tried to go for what it saw as the more "powerful" move.
  19. At night, when it's really quiet, do you ever hear a faint sound you can't explain? It sounds like a Tuning Fork.


    Excuse me while I cry in a corner as Hardcore has over 5,000

  21. "I see. That explains the mentions of that curse of yours. I can't imagine how something like that could affect you. On that note..." Ecquis pauses and looks towards the phantom of Maya's brother. "What do you have to say about this...Freyl if I recall? Did you ever consider how your actions affected Maya's state of mind. And more importantly, what would you have done if things got out of hand. Do you have an answer for this," Ecquis states in a rather flat tone, staring directly at Freyl.
  22. "...he gave himself up trying to save me, but I'll think nor say nothing further about that foul day." The tone is just as curt and to the point as her answer, before he could even respond, she was already pressing forward to his other points "the how of his condition is irrelevant here. Only the what. Every person who's died while keeping my company since it happened, all the people struck down and slaughtered like pigs around me despite my efforts to save them, my mentor, my brothers in arms, my friends... all their untimely deaths, he is cause of it. The blame I placed on my own shoulders because of my survival, the hatred I've born against my own being because of it, the feeling of utter disgust whenever I looked at my reflection, all because I felt myself to be the only possible cause of their lives being cut short, he watched for years as I slowly began to destroy my own self from guilt that wasn't even rightfully mine, never once saying anything, never once giving a sign of his presence, just killing. Constantly killing. Using those around me as shields, manipulating the battlefield to deflect the blows that were meant for me unto good and noble folk who didn't deserve to die as mere pawns in a game of phantasmal chess. Haven't you ever noticed why not a single enemy has ever targeted me, Ecquis? Why even when they've clear shots, when they're practically right next to me, they always choose another, regardless how much extra effort it takes to reach them or how much more of a risk it is to engage someone stronger? It's all. Because. Of him. Just as he exploited the lives of my friends and allies in the past to protect me, he's been doing the exact same to you all, ever since I was put into your group. But it stops now. Blood be damned, I'm not letting even one more good person bite it because of his sorcery... He told me everything on the battlefield today... while the rest of you were holding off those Nohrian Scum. And tonight, I end it, once and for all." The phantom meanwhile, was silent as a church mouse, likely still dazed and shaken by the viscous might his sister had brought to bare...
  23. get the item finder so far i have found like 7 different link stones in various areas of the game.
  24. Meredith went bright red in a moment. She'd, never really been called pretty before. Well she had... but it wasn't really meant as a real compliment. Just a thinly veiled excuse to get at her. To try and get into her pants are worse. Men. Not all of them awful not even all amongst soldiers. But they weren't exactly a tactful bunch at the best of times. She tried to contain her feelings though. Not, show too much. "I... I... thank you." she blurted out. Smooth move... doing a real bang up job here Mere. Oh shut up... She attempted to recover by just continuing. "I dunno about that. I'm not exactly the most ladylike out there. I'm sure a few think me mannish. Not that I care just I dunno." Focus... you can do this. Get yourself together Meredith. It's just a conversation. "Anyway, as ta your question. It's a simple thing really. A silly thing. Perhaps one I'd get laughed at for. I wanted to be a hero. I wanted ta be something that mattered. I wanted to protect people, the downtrodden, those that couldn't stand up or themselves. I figured I could make a difference. I was a lot more naive then. Worst of all though... I got my wish. I became a hero. It wasn't what I wanted." she shifted back again, clearly was a bit weary from running at full speed with a passenger on board. "I might need to get out of this armour for a spell. It's not great for the respiration. We should continue this back in the the tent."
  25. 1. Skull (Grunt or maybe Guzma) 2. Team Galactic (Cyrus) 3. Plasma (Grunt) 4. Flare (Lysander) 5. Aqua/Flare (Boss theme)
  26. Have you tried google?
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