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  2. Dealing with various IRL stuff, working on stuff for own series I'm making with a friend, working on a separate project with another friend, playing other vidya games, and slowly learning Japanese. I also tried Reborn Hardcore, but my attention span totally died out for no reason while I was grinding for first Fern battle. Hopefully I'll have better luck with CoM E16 version...
  3. The door opened long enough to let Halley enter, before slamming directly om Visrii's face. Visrii would be able to see a large and tattered sticker displaying what once might have been a biohazard symbol and the words "Warning, potential for HMHVV infection inside" if it wasn't for the five large claw marks tattering it. Edmund would find Solomon in the front of the nightclub, with a shopping bag in his hands.
  4. Yup beat episode 16, didn't see THAT coming though. Kinda disappointed because a potential late game raid boss has been axed.

  5. "This is the place where they converge, yes! But I can't open the door at this rate! Something got into me... That's right!" Halley cut her Wi-Fi, stopping the wild signals from getting to her. The illusion faded, leaving a simple door and an old apartment. "They were sending loads of information at me. It's nothing now, though, now that I stopped the stream." She took a deep breath and put her right hand on the doorknob. She twisted the doorknob, trying to open the door.
  6. I...I thought the fire department had that undercontrol...I hope no one was still in there... As the woman passed, Edmond tried to ask, "What's Kek?" "Violins? What did you do with violins? That is interesting though, as I happen to play a little myself. So you know the places that would sell them?...I don't think I have enough funds currently" Though Edmond asked this question, he continued on towards the Psychadelic Pirate. He didn't have the quantity of money that would be required for such a purchase. Instead he hoped to get some more leads from Solomon or any shady folk who might frequent the club. After the mission was complete, perhaps he could get a violin.
  7. "Halley! Calm yourself!" Visrii was severely alarmed by her sudden change in behaviour. "No, it is completely normal in my vision. Nothing noteworthy but a flying metal object." Visrii paced up and caught up to Halley. Something fucky was going on here. "Is this the right place? The place where the Eyes converge?" ...Deus. God in Old Tongue. He didn't get the cryptic message, but clearly, something he didn't see was going on here.
  8. As the two of them walk a safe distance away from the still burning building, a small popping sound could be heard before the entire building goes down, the horned woman simply walks towards Edmond, and says "Praise Kek" before walking away with her currently shifting face. The shotgun simply says "I used to spend most of my day actively hunting for people's souls, so yes I do know a lot about this place, but only if it concerns hunting down and sucking the souls out of foolish mortals, that and where to get gardening tools and good violins.". The drone simply says "Deus" before fully entering the window.
  9. "Woahwoahwoah- What the heck?!" Halley exclaimed. She looked around, finding herself in chaotic randomness. "Are you seeing this? The building- no, the whole place is changing!" She ran to the building's door. The door was changing rapidly before her. It was a gaping gargoyle for a second, and a revolving door for another. She wasn't sure if she could even interact with the door without getting her hand bitten by the randomness. "I swear this door was fine a minute ago. Argh! Visrii, can you open this door for me?"
  10. Visrii silently charged his weapon. "Huh. I'll pass. I'll stick with regular bandages." "I sense danger. Get ready." Visrii then sensed something... off. "Halley?"
  11. Hey there I destoyed Jullia with Combusken Double Kicking her to Oblivion I did use some Potions though but I guess I could trade you some fighting mons later . I dont really care what I get hehehe I love em all
  12. Should I rewrite the chapters I wrote before?

  13. "Even if it doesn't know anything, I'm sure we could procure a map somewhere." Theo follows Edmund back to the bar.
  14. It was at that moment that Halley would hear the sound of three pips, as the alley walls, floors, and the sky disappear, only to promptly be replaced by a crowded looking white and black background, upon closer examination the black walls are covered by the words "Picture not found". They cover everything except for the building ahead of you, which randomly switches into different styles. Visrii would simply see nothing but a regular alley, and a regular building with a drone flying into it's window.
  15. Wyvis looks curiously around the lobby. "Hmm... all our friends must be at an important event! Come on, let us hurry, we do not want to be late." Wyvis whispers, as he walks rather briskly around to examine his options, then tries the public elevator shaft button once or twice, then checks the room for a friendly map or signs.
  16. @Xiri got his ass whupped. Beautiful justice.
  17. Metal parts are here Spine?
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  19. "I don't have medicine on me, but I do have some energy crystals. Not sure if they'll work for you, though." Halley answered. Switching between the two methods of communication wasn't much of a problem for her. "I see a hundred of them, but the signals update haphazardly, so there might be more than that hiding from us. The signals are sent toward the building ahead. Were I to guess, the building could be an amateur radio tower. Perhaps we can just deactivate the radio tower, shaking them off?"
  20. That Meme got old a long time ago.
  21. Edmond rubbed his shin, bemused. What...What was that for? The emergency crew seemed to have successfully extinguished the blaze, but there would be no shopping in that place for a while. He had no idea really where to go now. Keeping his tones low, to prevent eavesdropping, Edmond said to the gun, "Our quest is to defend the multiverse from an invasion of things called trespassers. I understand that it sounds crazy, but that is our goal. On a slightly different note, do you know your way around Seattle, and what places might be of interest?" Edmond gestured to Theo after asking his question to the gun. Does the gun have a name, I wonder? "I doubt it--the gun, I mean--knows anything, but I ashed it if it knew its way about Seattle. For now though, I suppose we could return to the Psychadelic Pirate, and see if Solomon knows anything." With that Edmond set off toward the bar.
  22. Then it's yours Just let me know when you are online
  23. "If they can see us, they'll see us talking. Worse, intercept sound. Too risky considering circumstances. We have no choice but to still rendezvous at the Pirate, it is the only point we've predetermined. But what to do with these Eyes, that's another problem..." Visrii continued to walk around, taking out a short bandage and wrapping it around some of his wounds. "Fucking hell." He swore. Mixing vocal speech and telepathic speech was tough work, but under watch, he knew better than just stand around and gawp at each other. They'll know. "You have any medicine on you?" "How many Eyes are there?"
  24. So you re serious on connecting your reborn story with this one. I guess u have to finish this run to unlock the path back to reborn
  25. Aside from maybe nods or references, we will not be getting anything else. I mean, the game does not have Shadow Pokémon, why would we suddenly start encountering Shadow Mons when we're nearly at the end, or even post-game? Likewise with characters from the anime.
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  27. "How does that work- Oh." She nodded. "I usually prefer transceivers, but this works too." "The signals are everywhere, but they are all heading to the same location. Probably just hobbyists that wanted more of us than the satellite's screen."
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