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  2. Donut ax me.
  3. how do you get the animated sprites into the post?
  4. Hello I'm stuck at the cell in the castle, I lost to the guard after you, val and Adam lured him into the secret part of the castle in order to get the antenna part from him. Right after he defeated me, Im stuck in my cell, and can't do anything.
  5. Snorlax musta went into hibernation eh? XD Also...holy crap you are fast. XD
  6. completely unrelated to the yami bakura event that is going on right now, but today ive managed to make a new farming deck that works well against just about every random duelist that doesnt have monsters with more than 2900 attack points or disruptive cards like enemy controller. in fact, unless you get really unlucky, youre nearly guaranteed to get a 8000+ duel assessment against duelists like level 40 tea, level 40 odion, etc. yup. an elements unite deck. it gives a near instant comeback victory achievement, as well as life points on the brink. now for the justification of the remaining cards. monsters - senju of the thousand hands: hes basically there to get paladin of white dragon to your hand. try to not summon him before you also have a white dragon ritual in your hand, because if he bites the dust you cant summon two paladins anymore. the only possible tributes in the deck are this one and... - sonic bird: yeah. this one. sonic bird is here for the same reason as senju, except he rolls with white dragon ritual. same restriction as senju, though- make sure you have a paladin in your hand before you summon him. - paladin of white dragon (2x): easy enough to summon for a ritual monster (only needs either senju or sonic bird as a tribute). also, he can instantly summon a blue-eyes from your deck, helping a bit with milling. its something that you really need, considering your deck size will be a lot bigger than your opponents because of elements unite. - blue-eyes white dragon (3x): gets summoned by the paladin, high power, can use burst stream of destruction, can fuse into blue-eyes ultimate, which is also one of the most powerful monsters in all of the game at the moment. - big koala: doesnt serve any purpose but to fusion summon master of oz. - versago the destroyer: this one should be des kangaroo, but im afraid I dont have des kangaroo yet. oops. anyway, if you have des kangaroo, definitely use it over versago, because if youre forced to summon or set this card, it wont be able to survive an attack. other than that, versago serves no purpose but to fusion summon master of oz as a substitute fusion monster. spells - white dragon ritual (2x): whats there to say. you summon the paladin of white dragon with it. also can be used in combination with the sonic bird to mill a bit. - fusion gate: my preferred option to fusion summon. otherwise id need two polymerization cards, and honestly, I really want to keep the deck limit at 20. - gift of the martyr (2x): my discount union attack. since I failed to get union attack from yugi when his event was going on, I had to settle for this one instead. basically, at the end of the duel, sacrifice your master of oz and blue-eyes ultimate dragon to add their attack points to gate guardian, and your attack will reach a whopping 12450 attack. you can get the '9999 damage' achievement this way. - burst stream of destruction: may seem like a funny choice, but in the final turn where you will attack your opponent directly with gate guardian (or master of oz or blue-eyes ultimate, depending on which monsters you sacrificed with gift of the martyr), you really need to make sure that the field is empty. thus, I always keep around at least one blue-eyes until the final turn to activate burst stream of destruction before fusing into blue-eyes ultimate, effectively destroying all monsters your opponent controls. the 'no attacking' drawback isnt relevant either- after that blue-eyes will only serve as part of blue-eyes ultimates fusion. - shard of greed (2x): mill. thats all theres to it. traps - jar of greed (3x): mill. thats all theres to it, part two. also, jar of greed makes sure you activated a trap. extra deck - blue-eyes ultimate dragon: just about the strongest monster in duel links at the moment. so yeah. - master of oz: just about the second-strongest monster in duel links at the moment. so yeah. though, typing this made me realize there may be a slight difference if anyone else uses this deck, since I have two prismatic (blue-eyes white dragon, shard of greed) and two glossy (blue-eyes white dragon, fusion gate) cards in my deck. however, if you have received the prismatic blue-eyes white dragon from the event, as well as having kaibas starter deck blue-eyes and maybe one or two other glossy cards, you should be fine. oh, also, you dont necessarily have to run master of oz- the combination of blue-eyes ultimate dragon and gate guardian already brings your attack to 8250, which means that about any monster with 1800 or more attack points would suffice instead of master of oz. I guess I just like the overkill it gives.
  7. Haha, somebody did this in Rejuvenation against Madame X Wow... that was unexpected... Respect to that guy/girl.
  8. Madea is hilarious...I need to see the scary house one still. XD (<-White...but hey I still love it.) Also...Inside Out is amazing. On topic... Sapphire, how/why did you choose your sn?
  9. oh wait never mind get rid of gengar since he already had that it was galvantula lol
  10. i think cain get zoroark, gengar, absol, and beedrill after fighitng him in the radomus castle
  11. I am new to battling and kinda suck...but I am in!
  12. 5iv

    That's fine, keep the heart scale I have a bunch of them
  13. I don't think any of the staff have mentioned any plans to take over the thread, but I'd be happy to bring up suggestions posted here during meetings.
  14. Yeah, I knew about the flinching, it just seemed to happen way more than 30% lol. But like i said, maybe im just lucky. Thanks for all your help
  15. yup, that is the secondary effect of air slash. A very nice move according to me. I guess the flinching has a 30% chance.
  16. Yeah, nothing comes up when i use the move, just says not very effective at the end. And maybe im just lucky, but it seems to flinch a lot lol
  17. My Team: Manannan Futakuchi Aonyobo Kasha Keseran Ittan-momen Brigid Macha Carbink I'd heard some spoilers rumors that PULSE Avalugg was pretty difficult. But I have some pretty good stall tactics, and it's base speed is real low, so we'll see. I decided to box Kasha and Macha for Keseran and Ittan-momen. VS POKEMON REDOUBT Honestly not that hard, but that's what speedy SleepSeed does. I think we're officially at the point where I don't need to cheese with Perish Song anymore, because I have better, tastier cheese. After that, I backtrack all the way to Calcenon, and find that I can pay money to fix the bridge. Considering that I haven't spent much (in fact, at this point I was probably near the maximum amount), I decide to fork over some cash to make backtracking easier. I also pick up the Magmarizer and the Electirizer and trade them form Magby and Elekid; I won't be using them, of course, but I like completing sidequests where I can. I think the only sidequests I haven't done are the ones where you trade specific Pokemon for other pokemon. I meet up with Shelly in Ametrine, and have to talk to everyone to figure out where Heather is. We also stop by in a haunted house that tells us the tragic backstory of ZEL. Shelly might also be hitting on us? I have 0 problems with this. After a ton of plot and character development, we rescue Heather, learn that Blake is a terrible person, and are now ready to ascend the mountain. I've boxed the Stall brothers for this one; they're both weak to Ice and I'm planning ahead. I'm really digging how Shelly is used in this chapter, she gets a lot of development and becomes a lot more confident. Also, she named her Scolipede, Venomoth, and Vivillon after Cain, Anna, and Noel! That's just too precious. Also I really want one of the Meteors' jetpacks. Seriously, could I use those instead of fly?? We reach the top of the mountain, but before the ice man cometh, we have to battle Aster. He is pretty distraught, and offers us Waterfall if we win. He's also using some of Eclipse's Pokemon I feel kinda bad, but I really need Waterfall, so here goes. VS ASTER Eclipse's death seems to have redeemed Aster, as he gives us the Waterfall machine and then departs. I wonder if he'll eventually team up with the other disgruntled ex-Meteor, Simon. With that out of the way, we ascend the mountain to take on Blake. VS BLAKE In general, not that difficult. Doubles is a little easier for me, since I can set up both trick room and misty terrain in one turn. Blake messes with Shelly's expectations and doesn't give us the ring, even though we won. But its okay, as Heather and Cal swoop in to save the day, and Cal gets the ring and gives it back to Heather. Blake runs away, and apparently our Sleep spell is in a different castle, which means Terra is in on the scheme with Team Meteor. After catching a ride down the mountain with Cal, I replace Aqua Tail with Waterfall. That extra 10 base power just isn't worth the lower accuracy. NEXT TIME: Dangers of the Digital World! Will the Glitch Field be too much? Will Mewtwo sweep my team? And what of Terra? Find out next time on Pixie Run Z!
  18. It should actually say something like "The tree slammed on the foe [insertanypokemonnamehere], the same that it does for cut. Edit: I just checked. It doesn't say anything. But it is grass type in forests because it hit my swampert for a super effective damage and the only type that can launch a super-effective damage on water/ground type pokemon is grass
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  20. Wow, I hadn't even thought that could be a reason, since no text came up before the move was used like it does for cut. Thanks, though now i feel silly haha.
  21. Because the nearest town is Spinel... I think everyone would understand what you meant anyways
  22. Bruh we bout to fight you need watch madea i suggest madea's big happy family, or madea goes to jail first, and great that's not a problem at all and as for the disney movies finding dory is well something else , cars 2 is good i liked it ( i haven't seen cars 3 yet but i plan to) and inside its good i enjoyed it so yeah better get started on these movies
  23. have u applied the patch ?
  24. The gym leader of Sheridan village isn't responding at all. how do I fix this? Game.rxdata
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