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  2. Common candy isn't used to level up your pokemon. They are used to level down pokemon so you don't get stuck over the level limit. You need rare candies, which are sold as well at the candy shop. Those sell for 20,000 apiece.
  3. Sure I can trade one to you. PM me
  4. Is there still a problem with the weather in Episode 16? I can't get my joltik because it's been constantly raining for the past, like, 10 days... ;(
  5. You get a lv 15 Piplup from the trade, i believe.
  6. Happy Birthday Etesian!!! You're a super helpful person around the forums and while I don't know you well I have a lot of respect for you. Have a great day!
  7. I've been fishing for over two hours and still haven't found any shiny Staryu.... Keep fishing.... Keep fishing....
  8. Kenta who has spent most of his time cleaning up the Mess hall looks around at his handy work. The tables though heavy were back in a standard standing position and the kitchen was back to it's clean and detailed state. The tools for cooking were organized and and detailed and the spoiled goods were bundled into a trash bag in a corner. "Probably won't be able to get supplies till we get into town." He sighs and rubs the back of his head. Taking a seat at one of the tables he opens his duffle bag and pulls out all the stuff he shoved in there for emergencies. A set of jeans and a couple of t-shirts, his Armor body spray, two dirty magazines, his leather journal, the apron he was wearing, sneakers and a handful of rubbers. "Regardless of how this goes down... Im gunna need to make some stops." He shoves it all back together in the bag and wanders into the hall a list he made of supplies for the kitchen in his hand. He looks at the individual on the wall ," I have a list of stuff for the kitchen and what not. Who do I give it to?" He asks no one in particular.
  9. Or, you could go to the candy shop in the Obsidia (i think) Ward. They sell Common Candy there for 300 apiece.
  10. Would be a pretty good idea. A better idea, would be ideally, for the wiki to be filled; so as there wouldn't be any need to return back, like, ever...
  11. Here you are. Game.rxdata
  12. The clown at Agate Circus with the Rainbow challenge should suffice (both for levelling AND tons of money).
  13. didn't finish the WHOLE Crustle puzzle. You should really return to that area and finish the puzzle, otherwise you're gona have a bad time in the future (that is...before you get Fly).
  14. So I`m lvling up my metagross and aerodactyl for the fight against adrienne and they are both lvl 60. I don`t want to keep battling the people in the headquarters because the rest of my pokemon are near the lvl cap and at this lvl it takes a little while only getting part of the experience using an exp share. So any suggestions for a good training spot?
  15. Yeah, there should be a folder for Rejuvenation in the saved games folder as well. Just make sure to distinguish the two files so you can put the each one in the right folder on the other end.
  16. There's a misplaced "M".
  17. Happy Birthday Etesian!
  18. Did you just upgrade the game from 15 to 16?
  19. my delver list just got infinitely stronger with the addition of fatal push. altho the tron matchup did get a teeny bit worse so i kept in a dreadbore w 2 more in the sideboard
  20. After coming out of the house with the PULSE machine in Ametrine city (the part where Shelly realizes that Heather might be the Guardian Angel) I went back to Ametrine Mountain. Now i cant find Shelly anywhere in the city. Blake's house is now open but theres no one in there. Game.rxdata
  21. The railing doesn't exist here and you can walk onto the water You can also surf through this railing here
  22. Sachi raises her finger. As much as she wanted to help, she wasn't particularly sure that him raising a child, considering what she'd seen him do, was a good idea. Then again, I was raised by my older sister, so who a-am I to judge? On the other hand, there were practical concerns. How were they even going to get there in the first place? What did that even involve? Too many questions to ask, even before the fact that he was asking a bunch of strangers to go help him rescue his kid. Mio would likely die first before asking people she'd barely known for a day to rescue Sachi or Tatsuya. So, she decided to follow her lead. "Um.....why do you need help? I-isn't the normal thing to do just to get a lawyer?"
  23. Hi guys, I'm looking for a Tynamo and I am struggling... hard lol. Anywho is it still available through the thunderstorm event or available at all? If not then would someone be able to trade one? Any nature and iv. I just need that fish!!
  24. The Knight seems to watch the space dragon for a moment, then settles down against the wall, being very careful to not let any of their limbs actually poke out from beneath the cloak.
  25. Katsuo Katsuo didn't appreciate the sudden interruption, particularly when he didn't want to interact with most of this group in the first place. He shot a glare at the man and then returned his attention to Alexandria. He'd probably be willing to talk if he weren't already busy, he didn't have any reason to turn anyone away. What did this guy want with him anyways? Katsuo was a warrior, not a lawyer. Sending warriors to steal your daughter was not a good way to win a custody battle. Actually, come to think of it, this was the guy that had pissed off the reactor in the first place. Considering how he had acted there, it didn't seem surprising that he was being so self-centered here as well. The girl was probably in better hands with her mother anyways. If Katsuo were a lawyer he would be doing everything in his power to keep the girl away from this loose cannon.
  26. @HSB Wraiths I have larvitar, Skarmory, and dratini ready. PM when you see this @Absolute_Zero I'm working on a gible right now but I'm sure the others will help you get your pokmeon
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