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  2. Kyou managed to grab Unit 02's legs again, and the red behemoth went down to the ground along with her, making the earth shake with the impact of the fall. Asuka in turn grabbed 19's arm with her free hand, while with the other she started to stab blindly at it's back in a frenzy of rage. First the base of the neck. Then around where the core. Once. Then again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Then the simulators' screens went black. All the pain went away in an instant, and Asuka was left so disoriented that it took her a moment to notice the "simulation terminated" message on the botton of her screen. Then a video comm window popped in front of her and Admiral Adalard looked at her with an air of both surprise and disapproval. "Asuka, that' way past enough for a training session! These are pilots, not Angels, and you know what that means way better than I do. So what exactly do you think you're doing?" "SHUT UP!" Asuka yelled, shaking and sweating. "You said it all, you DON'T know what this was like AT ALL! You DON'T know what I've been through!" Adalard's gaze changed. It now had a hint of sadness in it as well - or was it pity? "You are right in that. But that was because you never told me much about it. I wish I had been able to help you out before whatever this was about got to other people. I'm sorry." That caught Asuka out of guard, and she slowly started taking the situation in. "No, I... I mean, they... wait a minute." The ace pilot stuttered, laying down in her plug's seat and covering her face with her hand. Shit. What have I done? She hadn't planned on going berserk like this. Her teammates last attack hit all the right spots to trigger some memories she had been trying to bury for a long, long time, but that wasn't their fault at all. The frustration of losing control like this again after so long thinking she had her emotions in check started to sink in. "Verdamnt. It's not your fault, Adalard. I totally lost it." She answered after some time. "Are the kids ok?" "Their vitals are fine - it was only a simulation after all. Still, you'll have to see for yourself how they're taking that last charge of yours. Specially Ranga and Kyou." Asuka sighed. "Ok. Could you open the hatches please?" There was the sound of the plugs' airlock being disengaged, and Asuka stepped out of hers unsteadilly. "Hey. Is everibody ok?" She asked aloud in the most confident tone she could.
  3. Alistair


    Redownload the game. Don't touch anything in the files. Enjoy your modless Reborn.
  4. Faeborn

    Best DARK TYPE pokemon in the game?

    Glory to the Dark Lady! Praise Darkrai!
  5. Celeby

    Help 7th street sidequest

    I had gone out, returned to Lapis Ward and then returned to 7th street and the experiment was over, then I do not remember if I had already beaten Luna or not, but I don't think so because as soon as I arrived in 7th street, I immediately started the sidequest xD
  6. Question for all: Honedge Shiny or normal? 😄

  7. Celeby

    Best DARK TYPE pokemon in the game?

    Since I played in monotype, I have admired 2 pokemon that still today I like very much: Umbreon and Bisharp. For Umbreon I have it on Reborn and it's really annoying xD Bisharp I know you get it in Route 4, so I don't know if it's available in the ep 17 :/ By the way, I'm using Silvally-Dark which is not evil, but not so strong compared to others, for the rest, there are Greninja, Muk-Alolan, Zoroark (I'm trying to get it!) and a little Scrafty :3
  8. seeing tyranatar and hydriegon unreleased still it got me thinking... which is the best dark type mon in the game? I really want to see a mightyena get a mega or a big increase in stats in the next gen
  9. What's the shiny rate in Reborn?

    Met quite a few shinies, and my first trade for trapinch gave me a shiny too

    1. seki108


      1% encounter rate before Shiny Charm

  10. Lukasrid

    Shiny trade

    @julien its a french name.... t'es francais? i have a shiny wimpod and beldum both with very decent ivs, then i have a chimchar, bouffalant, and noctowl and crustle. i am very interested in the tyranitar, the charizard, the espeon and maybe flygon or slakoth. please let me know what you are willing to give for my pokemons !
  11. MegaRekhytX

    Best NORMAL TYPE in game?

    SOOO MANY OPTIONS I find Chancey really good especcially when i used to play competitive when do you get lopunny in the game? I have heard diggersby was good.
  12. Mazino Divergent

    Season 2 Reborn Mafia Awards Voting Thread

    @Roswell Fixed.
  13. Best Newcomer - An award given to the - I think this needs completed. And The Queen of Hearts and King of Spades say the same thing (I'm assuming King of Spades needs to be changed to male) (And if I'm being subjective here, I feel like the most interesting player reads better if always is before manages i.e. Or the player who always manages to shake things up). Will put in my vote later on.
  14. Today
  15. Season 2 Reborn Mafia Awards Voting Thread Another 6 months of playing Mafia has passed yet again and it is now the time for this season to end. As we look back on the memories we've shared with our fellow clubmates, we may remember a specific game that stood out to us or recall players who performed excellently. We may also admire certain lovable and amazing hosts or acknowledge the coordination of a team of players. As this season closes, we recognize their efforts through the Reborn Mafia Awards! Rules for Voting: Eligible Games: There have been some changes in terms of awards after a discussion done by the moderators. Here are the changes: Award Descriptions: Voting Sheet:
  16. Angelkitsune

    Help 7th street sidequest

    maybe come back after a certain period of time did she tell you to come back later i usually just leave the lapis ward , go to somewhere far away then come back (o′┏▽┓`o)
  17. Pozyher

    Help 7th street sidequest

    I think you need to give her the 3 pokemon she asks for AND a certain amount of badges.Iirc it becomes available after you beat Luna.
  18. Arararagi Koyomi

    Help 7th street sidequest

    um does anyone know how to finish this side quest I already gave him luxray but still not enough, what is there left to do
  19. Eclipse Gaming Youtube


    Thank you guys so very muuch!!
  20. According to Bulbapedia, if Mimikyu faints during a battle and is Revived, its Disguise is being restored and can soak another hit again. This is not happening in Reborn though while in the same battle. At least it is restored if you revive it and use it in other battle though.
  21. King Murdoc

    [OOC] Under Night In-Birth: Hollowed Alter

    What do you mean this is just a reskinned Toshizou Hijikata WIP, obviously
  22. I love this scene.


    It seems like Otacon has finally fully accepted that Sniper Wolf passed on. It actually gives a lot of closure.


    I get shivers when the wolf howls.

  23. Pausaunias

    Ep 16 file

    because mu PC died and i didnt save ep 16 file, it is possible sm could give me it or give me a good page to download it (preferible the first). I am sorry if this is not the forum for the specifoc matter
  24. Waynolt

    SWM modular modpack [E17.1]

    If you would send me the "Scripts.rxdata" file from Fullmoon then I could try to apply the required changes to "NoTMXNeeded"... it would just be a script edit though, so you'd have to try it and see if it works correctly.
  25. Lord Drakyle


    First talk to the police man behind the counter at far right of the room, he will tell you how he lost his growlithe, then talk to the policeman that will be in the bottom right corner of the room, he will ask you to breed the growlithe and trade him an egg from it.
  26. Peter An

    SWM modular modpack [E17.1]

    Yub I'm test mod with pokemon fullmoon working any mods, but i like it mod "NoTMXNeeded" not working in pokemon fullmoon
  27. Hey, I am currently doing a Sandboxmode run and I am stuck at Calceon Gym. I get the following error everytime I leave the battlescreen. I have to admit, that i messed up the save a little bit, (I got the Mega-Bracelett and Z-Crystals etc.) but I don't think this is causing the error. I tried to redownload the game and tried it with a clean version of reborn. I hope you got an idea to solve this issue. Thanks in advance! Game.rxdata
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