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  2. Are any of these beauties still available? I'd love to get one if that'd be possible!
  3. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Deceitful Turnabout [IC]

    "Uhh. . ." Viola responded eloquently. "I'm not really a grand sage or anything like that. I've used more magic in the last few hours than I have in the rest of my life. I don't have, um, a grand thesis or anything, I was just trying to study so I could eventually go learn from the best."
  4. I can help you with that, let me know if you're available to trade now.
  5. The Weatherlight

    He took another bite of chicken before dropping it back into the circle. Once he swallowed again he bent down and started fiddling with the circle again. "Redstone? Well I guess it has lots of industrial applications. Hmm, well a Redstone crystal will take pretty much any energy input you give it, heat, light, even kinetic, and then resonate with any other crystals it's in contact with before finally releasing the energy, often as heat, light, electricity, or Redstone flux depending on how the system is setup. While it can occasionally be found as large single crystals the uses for them are very limited and more often people use smaller crystals ground to dust." By the time Tim finished talking there was a large pile of coarsely ground redstone dust sitting atop the transmutation circle. "Got anything I can use to scoop this up with?"
  6. would hugely appreciate anyone helping me out.
  7. Online Play script takes too long

    That's too bad :/ Sorry I can't help more... Perhaps it's too demanding a task for your friend's computer? Idk
  8. Aurora Veil?

    Would like to know this as well, since I also beat Serra pre-E17
  9. Online Play script takes too long

    Thank you for the reply. I saw your reply late too I guess. My brother has just one save file so I dont think thats the problem. You mean with it works better the game or only the online gameplay? And you mean the settings screen he had small. But I Appreciate your reply anyway. I mean there are just two replies no one helps me out here... Thnx alot, bye.
  10. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    “My comrades have stated the truth. Pendants made by Fey’s Light we’re responsible for the near death and destruction of the forest. They also showed a complete disregard for the safety of their mercenaries, but I have come to expect no less from such monsters. They could have been pulled out and healed at any time, but Fey’s Light shows a disgustingly complete disregard for life. At least on the upper levels.” Serin, hearing mention of the mercenaries, decided to save a question for what he actually did during the fight for later.
  11. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    "I wish we had met under less dire circumstances, Lady Maria, but i have to attest to what my comrades said. We were simply going to rendezvous to our meeting point after doing some necessary resupplying, only to find our other half of the group fighting for their lives. And if trying to was not enough, they ambushed our Mawile member and stole something very valuable from her. All the while causing indiscriminate destruction to the whole area. Whatever their motives were, they were certainly vile. "
  12. Thats fine by me I dont mind the 0 ivs, but i was wondering if i could ask for another mon to?
  13. @Varak hmmm , i have a 5iv one but with 0iv on hp , it is ok tho ? Or do you prefer another one ? ( you will have to wait a little )
  14. Help with Fairy-Tale Themed Run

    Thx I wanted something more creative than a mono, and I'm pretty pleased with what i came up with 😂
  15. Multi-type Challenge

    Fire: Magmortar Water: Vaporeon Grass: Tsareena Normal: Eevee Dark: Weavile Electric: Electivire Flying: Talonflame Bug: Gollisopod Steel: Steelix Psychic: Alakazam Fighting: Lucario Ground: Hippowdon Rock: Lycanroc-midnight Ghost: Gengar Poison: Salazzle Ice: Vaniluxe Dragon: Garchomp Fairy: Sylveon
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