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  2. Shoal salt and Shoal shell

    I'm not too sure which one it is but one of those two can be found in the Arceus birthplace thing under the grand gates. Before you enter the tower thing there are rocks behind and has one of those two items as a hidden item. Although I'm not sure if that place is accessible anymore or not at your current point in the story. Sorry this was the only place I know of where to find these items.
  3. [Day Four] Wild West Showdown Mafia

    ... well this is a problem. If I understand correctly, either Paul or Anti is lying. But Anti visited Megagun on N0, right? It wouldn't have made much sense for the Coyote to have attempted a visit as early as N0, with literally no information on the roles of the ther players. Waiting for @Anti_Hero's explanation.
  4. The Wonderful Playthrough of Reborn Wonderlocke

    Heh, sup guys been awhile. I've been out of town recently and been busy with stuff and thangs. Todays gonna be a short one since I'm getting used to the game again. It's been awhile lol. Alright so we met Corey at the house at Beryl bridge where he may or may not have offed himself...off the bridge and falling to his death at the Lapis ward,a more high class area of Reborn. Well according to the walking trash can, Fern atleast. Before leaving there was a sudden explosion and smoke all around the grand stair ways in front of the not so grand gates.We raced down to see whats going on and after fighting our way through we found out that someone has planted explosions inside of the grand stair ways...A cave perhaps? Progressing on wards we found ourselves in the Lapis Ward, the finest of Reborn's wards indeed.Before we head on to what a lady described as a murder scene, we head to the Pokemon Center to heal up our team and wonder trade off yet another token. And damn I am glad I did All right so it seems there's some issues here but I can't seem to actually paste my screen shot here...I suppose this is linked to the maintenance we had recently? Anyways we got Elaina the Eevee! I am getting SUPER lucky! haven't gotten a Trubish nor a Bidoof just yet. I'll post next chapter tomorrow, till then see ya guys later!
  5. rwby_meme__5_by_digiradiance-d9zrs6k.jpg

    Me many times



    Me in the future

    1. The Grinch

      The Grinch

      The first is especially relateable Shitposting spree yesterday

    2. Wolfox


      yup. second one isn;t that fitting yet, cuz I'm not old yet. tho I can be fabulous

  6. @Hooligan you might want to reconsider. Under Sun it can even sweep. (growth, Knock Off, grass move of your choice etc) As long as Mimikyu becomes available at some point, I'll be pleased. PS: The ICSW returned and mysteriously a certain Sylveon disappeared...
  7. I've got autism and my DNA is no different from other people, same as people who are transgender. It's not physical but mental.
  8. Awww, yeah. Ready for the holidays now

  9. How does my team look in Reborn [Hardcore]?

    Looks like a great team to me. Kingdra is maybe a little bit extraneous as you already have a good water type and dragon doesn't really cover anything in particular. Also if you're using it as critdra with sniper and the scope lens, it would probably appreciate focus energy as a setup move. Good luck with the chamber of memories if you try that, It's a very fun challenge gauntlet.
  10. Shoal salt and Shoal shell

    Railnet restoration is becoming WAAY too difficult because I cant get those shell bell materials. Can anyone give me locations so that I can find these items?
  11. Today
  12. Friendly reminder I'm just as sober today as I was yesterday. Yeah

    1. Wolfox


      you're speaking of being sober quite a bit lately... has a flask fiend taken control of a good drink friend of yours?

    2. The Grinch

      The Grinch

      None of them has turned to alcoholism yet. Personally I don't really drink anything else beside tea and coffee. And water

  13. Welp, I think Beast just became my favorite Origin character of Divinity Original Sin 2.

    Allow me to explain why in a quiz like format:

    He has to meet with a fellow Dwarf. This Dwarf is guarded. How does Beast deal with the guard?




    He threatens the guard into letting him talk with the fellow Dwarf.




    He raises his middle finger to the guard and just waltzes in.




    He has a conversation and lets the guard know it's important that he has a word with the Dwarf.


    Let's see how many can guess right.

  14. Spicy HG look at least somewhat surprised when offered a throne of books the sit on, and accept the offer she does, taking a seat on the throne like a proper evil queen. "Thank you for the chair. Maybe you can describe this person for me and I can help you look for them?" She paused long enough for Solomon to respond to her first question before continuing. "On a side note, do you happen to know of any gods or goddesses in the group?'
  15. My reborn hardcore run is almost finished.So I wanted show my team. 1. Name: Yasakani Ability: Speed boost Item: Wide lens Movesets: - High jump Kick - Bulk Up - Shadow claw - Blaze kick 2. Name: Magician Ability: Protean Item: Expert Belt Movesets:- Surf - Extrasensory - Dark Pulse - Grass Knot 3. Name: Saitama Ability: Clear Body Item: Wide Lens Movesets:- Zen Headbutt - Meteor Mash - Bullet Punch - Hammer Arm 4. Name: King Midas Ability: Sheer Force Item: Black Sludge(Life Orb would be best but RNG hates me) Movesets:- Earth Power - Sludge Wave - Ice Beam - Shadow Ball 5. Name: Orochi Ability: Defeatist Item: None Movesets:- U turn - Acrobatics - Rock Slide - Earthquake 6. Name: Poseidon Ability: Sniper Item: Scope Lens Movesets:- Surf - Dragon Pulse - Signal Beam - Ice Beam 7. Name: Florin Ability: Technician Item: Black Sludge Movesets:- Extrasensory - Sludge Bomb - Hidden Power(Dark) - Giga Drain 8. Name: Shade Ability:- Levitate Item: None Movesets:- Nasty Plot - Power Gem - Shadow Ball - Mystical Fire So the questions: 1.How does my team look? 2.Do you think my team has many weakness? 3.Do I need to add more pokemons? Also to avoid any confusions: TM breeding is available in Hardcore hence some of them have TM moves except Shadow Ball which you can buy in Hardcore. Also I haven't played that many pokemon games so majority of the pokemons are new to me. I have only used Blaziken many times, only used kingdra once in pokemon zeta and metagross once in a previous run to beat Adrienn.So most of these pokemons are 1st time use for me.Obviously I traded the greninja. You can also ask me if you have any questions about my team's performance.
  16. Solomon slowly assembled a more humble looking floating throne for his apparent companion after he saw the way she looked at the one he was sitting on. And he stopped moving momentarily to gesture at her to clamber onto it before he finally replied by saying "I was looking for a friend of mine earlier, since I wanted to continue the nice conversation we had before we actually had to go and fight the Assassin and the Berserker". Solomon's expression looked a bit strained after he finished saying those words. As if he was putting a great deal of effort to try and do...something.
  17. This might be working:
  18. I have one Request with this 5/6IV thread. Can you get me a Drizzle Politoed with 5/6 IV's. 5 IV's is okay as well as long as the defeciency is in Attack. Let me know if its possible or not!
  19. Lol , and all of them have to be 5iv ?? Edit : nevermind ! It’s morning !
  20. Yo Redemption scrubs, here's another batch of Trainer Cards:


  21. Well. I hunted down my Pokédex..to see what I was missing so heres my "Little" List. I either cant get them anymore or just havent encountered them :/. I will include evolution lines I need (Mainly for myself). I only will need the Bold Pokemon Will have a small list in your other thread as well if I need specific mons. #1 : Pichu (for Pikachu/Raichu) #2: Diglett (Dugtrio) #3: Poliwag (Poliwrath, Poliwhirl). #4: Slowpoke (Slowbro) #5: Slowking (Dont have a kingsrock ._.) #6: Shellder - with Rockblast (Cloyster) #7: Exegggute (Exeggutor) #8: Cubone (Marowak) #9 Magby ( Magmar) #10 Magmortar (Don't wanna use Magmarizer on a Magmortar thats not fully trained if its just for pokédex) #11 Aerodactyl #12 Munchlax (so I can get Snorlax) This should have Gen 1 completed for me. I have the time to wait for this
  22. S3 Redemption Sign-Up Thread.

    Acera Azery Bagel Bazaro Chim Cool Girl Dashie HUEnd ICSW Jman Nagisa Quinn Sceptilespy Sparky TMG
  23. [sign up] Mafia: A Star Wars Story

    This will be an another interesting play through of mine in the world of Stars! Let's get it going.
  24. [Day Four] Wild West Showdown Mafia

    I'm here now and that comment of Anti made me to suspect him. @Anti_Hero You said: I was healed. This is for the last night phase. Right? Upon visiting our Innocent dead Refty, I got an info that is: Refty was the Doctor. Then how is it possible to believe that you were healed last night phase?
  25. Pokemon Apex Discussion Topic

    You have to place the various skulls in the firt room at the bottom and you'll unlock the rooms based on the position of them
  26. first thing my body did when I woke up: gotta wake up the mind, ATOMIC SNEEZE TIME!

    1. The Grinch

      The Grinch

      What a rude awakening

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