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  2. In the beta it was working fine, but in v11.2 Prof. Hawthorne refuses to acknowledge i have picked either magby or elekid and keeps telling me to choose one. Also I can pick unlimited Magbies or Elekid and they won't disappear from the desks so this is probably the cause. I switched to beta for that part and it was working fine.
  3. Finished playing V11. Can someone explain the path the story takes if I chose not to expose Flora's actions as Bladestar? Personally, I'm content being the single dude of justice not in association with any team, but, I'm just curious. I would love a detailed reply, starting from the v8 part where we fight Flora instead of Florin till current, but, anything at all, is appreciated. A video link would be the best.
  4. Welpthatsucks

    Can't Pick Up Eggs

    Has anyone found a fix to this?
  5. so basically im in kakori gym and i talked to the 4th ariados and it just disapeared i dont know what to do because now im stuck heeeeelp? im really enjoying the game and dont want to restart :(
  6. Haven't used any shiny stone mons when playing through before but I have a roselia this time round and I can't seem to find any posts that show where you can get a shiny stone early game or if you can get one at all, any help?
  7. I also have the same issue with this quest. I defeated the Xen grunts and chose "Evict them", went back to the Help Plaza, Damien said that there is some trouble in the Sand Cave (don't remember the name) and when I enter, the game freezes at the point of the screenshot. Edit: Sorry, seems I don't know how to quote in this forum. I'm referencing this comment:
  8. Whenever I go to the area in route 9 where you get kidnapped and teleported, it keeps replaying the fight and won't allow me to progress.
  9. I don't know if that's really a bug, but I can't open a door in the Pokéball Factory (where you play the subquest with Aya), although I think I found the key to open it.
  10. Hey guys not even sure if this can be fixed, but I've been trying to complete the last help center quest in Sashila Village "I need to get stronger", and everytime it tells me that I need to have done the "Battle me again" quest which Im pretty sure is from Sheridan village, which I've already done previously, but I go check it out anyways. When I try to do that one, it tells me that I need to complete the "Battle me" quest which is from Gearen iirc. So pretty much the game is making me redo quest I've already done, but since I've already done them, I cant redo them lol. I've also done the one In Kakori as well btw. Can anyone check out my save and try to activate the quest for me? Game.rxdata
  11. Norman Guy

    cyndaquil egg

    Do you have a full team with you? If you do just put one in PC so you can go pick it up, otherwise you won't be able to pick up the egg.
  12. ah um how do i patch my game exactly?
  13. 1 in Krisitaline Town 1 in Xen Battleship 1 in Goldenleaf Town As far as I remember. Also have you patched your game? as far as I'm aware, the event triggers patch1+ and not on the main V11 game.
  14. Really?I have no idea where this other guy is then. And what about my rockruff?I have waited until 5 and she doesn't appear and I tried changing my own computer's clock and she still doesn't appear.
  15. LastSave.dat The game file is also posted above the screencap if you need it
  16. So in V11 with patch when you get to this cutscene with the Dimensional Garbodor it automatically just moves the character towards the wall and basically you're stuck, I saved before it toggled this but it keeps happening
  17. I can't pickup the cyndaquil egg in mount carotos, what should i do ?
  18. well i tried one final time and it worked! strange but i'm happy regardless ^-^
  19. everytime i went to route 9, it just said the crystal won't respond. i tried everything and talked to past narcissa and nothing happened....weird.... how did you do it? i just tried now and nothing happened..... Game.rxdata
  20. So I was battling and I noticed hailstorm is not summoned every battle. When I checked ability this is what I see http://prntscr.com/m6e0u8 and as soon as I check IVs this is what happens http://prntscr.com/m6e14i
  21. lokighost

    Couple of Bugs

    i was just asking thats all
  22. I went to route 9 and Narcissa appeared. The only other thing I did is talk to past Narcissa.
  23. Walpurgis

    Quests Issue

    Thats really strange but it should work now. Game.rxdata