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About This Club

This is the League of Legends Reborn club. Feel free to join if you want to talk about this game :D

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Yeah , mostly ^^ On which server are you playing ?
  3. I played with beginner friend... I am ashamed of myself.... https://prnt.sc/kjy7ad
  4. Wow thank you Ame, really nice idea. So you all play League of Legends also?
  5. I can cover EU West for those who are interested. Thank you Ame !
  6. hey guys! i know things are just getting started for this, but we're trying to do some kind of cultural festival gig for the summer social ... anyone wanna host some kind of event during the party? i know there's a lot of other people in the community who play and aren't in the club so it could be a good way to rope some of them in! i'm willing to do like a mystery gift or something for whoever wins if we do like a tournament, althouuuugh i can only cover NA :c what do y'all think?
  7. Little topic where we can post somes screenshots It can be anything : your best scores , plays , pentakills etc etc...
  8. Welcome my fav frog eater ~ Nice introduction btw ^^
  9. Hello there ! I won't " introduce " myself cause i'm already a superstar here , so i will talk about my League of Legends experience a bit : I started playing this game on mid season 2 because a friend of mine was like " gneuh gneuh gneuh go play with me , this game is so good ! " , and i did it. And honestly , i enjoyed it very fast. I started playing ad carry with Ashe , then i bought Vayne and quickly started to main her. Then i played almost every posts , but today i main jungle ( Xin , Evelyn , Jax , Kah Zix ) and support ( Zyra , Karma , Lux ). My favorite champions in general are mages. Concerning ranked , i managed to reach diamond 4 on season 5 ( i think ? ) , then i stopped rankeds cause it titled me ( community very toxic , and it bored me aswell ). I'm unranked since. Now i mostly play arams ( funny mod ) when i'm alone. I only play on the summoners rift with friends ( because we don't insult each others ). My LoL nickname is currently : RBRN Zarc ( Europe West ) , i often change tho , so i will edit my nickname when it will happen. I also have discord : Zarc#2992 Feel free to add me if you play on the same server as me and if you want to ( precise who you are ^^ )