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  2. After 4 years , the stars wars serie The Clone Wars is back. It ended after 6 wonderfull seasons , and now we will have a 7th season ! Here is the trailer : I hope it won't be like Rebels which i found kinda disapointing except a few episodes. We should have somes events on this new season ( or seasons ? ) such as how Maul survived the emperor and what he did to become Back Sun leader ( Solo movie ). Maybe we will have the pre battle of coruscant : how Grievous got shocked by Windu and how Palpatine organised his kidnapping , which bring to the space battle. And surely a lot of many others things. What are you thoughts about this ?
  3. Yep I was part of the gné? team but I just assumed the guy was the boss of the guy Qi'ra killed (I think it was said in the movie that everyone has a boss). Overall pretty engaging, especially because it was never clear who were the bad guys (from Solo's point of view) until the very end. Honestly I like Qi'ra as a character, and look forward to the continuation of the spinoff.
  4. Hello everyone ! Been a while this club isn't active , so time to break silence ! As the title say , i will give my thoughts about the movie Solo. And then if you want to give your own thoughts about it , don't hesitate ( this concern everyone who already watched the movie , do not read this if you didn't see it ! )
  5. Compulsive playing of SWTOR and Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) have made me associate this song with badass feats of heroism about to happen. Especially the last two minutes.
  6. This is probably the video who gave me the best chills :
  7. Never played The Old Republic , but the trailers games oh my god... you add + 45 min and you have an epic SW movie
  8. It always works. It just does.
  9. Heyyo ! Here is a mini thread on which Stars Wars music/soundtracks gave or still give you somes chills or make feel you nostalgic about certains scenes. I personally have some such as :