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Welcome to the Reborn Mafia Club - a club where you learn the art of deception, understand and build trust, and find meaning in doubting and analyzing. We also have a small community where you can express yourself and build bonds with others. Join the club to learn more!

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  2. Assuming we need more players. IN
  3. yes me i know its late but better than never amirite haha up top im in uwu
  4. Dragoknight

    back to the basics V: white flag [day 1]

    oh I thought this was ded Yeah I agree with what Alaris and Bok said
  5. i'd be fine with that
  6. I forgot this existed I agree with Alaris. Since Ali has opted out, nobody is replacing him, and he isn't being modkilled, moving to lynch Ali would probably get the game moving before it dies. If people agree, vote
  7. So a week has gone by since the last comment... that means that under normal conditions, about 5-6 people would be dead by now. Don't you think that stopping the game to avoid modkilling one character is quite counterproductive at this point? Can't we just pretend that Alistair was lynched? Because he could even be mafia (which is what I suspect, cause unless he had an interesting role, I don't think the game would have been stopped for so long...). What do you think?
  8. purplecicada

    back to the basics V: white flag [day 1]

    Jace has put the game on hold until he finds a replacement or something.
  9. Well 48 hours is up but I guess this counts as a separate post since no phase change yet
  10. Haha welcome @Type_Null
  11. Dragoknight

    back to the basics V: white flag [day 1]

    Oh yeah I guess Amber already had a vote, whoops blame randomvote, not me Also, forgot for a sex? You tryin to say something there L'Belle?
  12. Jace Stormkirk

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Mafia (Sign-Ups)

    fell dragon reporting for duty
  13. hello may i join (just sayin bts bias is RM @L'Belle)
  14. Oh woops. Hi hi. Forgot about this for a sex. I'm also going for a randomvote for now [Vote[ Andracass
  15. @Jason Grace Methinks you missed that Drago also added a second vote onto Amber
  16. Jason Grace

    back to the basics V: white flag [day 1]

    The only thing that troubles me is Bean's voting on Dragoknight although there's already a vote on them. Feels like he's BWing on him, but considering it's D1 and it's Bean, maybe it doesn't really mean much at all. With that said, I'll go with [Vote] Astra125. I don't have much else to go with an informed vote, so I'll rand vote for now.
  17. Lol, I guess that makes sense. Good game.