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    • I'm not too sure which one it is but one of those two can be found in the Arceus birthplace thing under the grand gates. Before you enter the tower thing there are rocks behind and has one of those two items as a hidden item. Although I'm not sure if that place is accessible anymore or not at your current point in the story. Sorry this was the only place I know of where to find these items.
    • Heh, sup guys  been awhile. I've been out of town recently and been busy with stuff and thangs. Todays gonna be a short one since I'm getting used to the game again. It's been awhile lol.     Alright so we met Corey at the house  at Beryl bridge where he may or may not have offed himself...off the bridge and falling to his death at the Lapis ward,a more high class area of Reborn. Well according to the walking trash can, Fern atleast. Before leaving there was a sudden explosion and smoke all around the grand stair ways in front of the not so grand gates.We raced down to see whats going on and after fighting our way through we found out that someone has planted explosions inside of the grand stair ways...A cave perhaps? Progressing on wards we found ourselves in the Lapis Ward, the finest of Reborn's wards indeed.Before we head on to what a lady described as a murder scene, we head to the Pokemon Center to heal up our team and wonder trade off yet another token. And damn I am glad I did     All right so it seems there's some issues here but I can't seem to actually paste my screen shot here...I suppose this is linked to the maintenance we had recently? Anyways we got Elaina the Eevee!  I am getting SUPER lucky! haven't gotten a Trubish nor a Bidoof just yet. I'll post next chapter tomorrow, till then see ya guys later!
    • @Hooligan you might want to reconsider. Under Sun it can even sweep. (growth, Knock Off, grass move of your choice etc)   As long as Mimikyu becomes available at some point, I'll be pleased.       PS: The ICSW returned and mysteriously a certain Sylveon disappeared...
    • I've got autism and my DNA is no different from other people, same as people who are transgender. It's not physical but mental.
    • Looks like a great team to me. Kingdra is maybe a little bit extraneous as you already have a good water type and dragon doesn't really cover anything in particular. Also if you're using it as critdra with sniper and the scope lens, it would probably appreciate focus energy as a setup move. Good luck with the chamber of memories if you try that, It's a very fun challenge gauntlet.
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